Lost years

Here is the prompt for Friday Fictioneers this week from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Genre: Memoir (100 words)


He should be here, you say with that trembling voice,

Will you ask him to hurry?

Why is he taking so long?

Years ago you voiced the accusations of your doubting mind

Out loud, deceit, faithlessness, disloyalty,

He had no chance to stay your ranting onslaught,

You were frighteningly ferocious, they say.

I was too young to know him,

Too young to understand the words I may have half heard before sleep,

You are too old now to realise that he can’t come back,

But I repeat again the soothing words

There there, don’t worry you will see him soon.

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35 thoughts on “Lost years

  1. It’s always refreshing to read a poetic take on the prompt.. Sad though to go through the stage where you wait for a loved one who’s never going to come back.. Love the way you put the last line although to soothe her but holds some truth.. I interpret it that maybe in afterlife you’ll see him again!


    • This is based loosely on my grandmother and yes you’re right about the afterlife being the next meeting place. I’m sure she loved my grandfather, but she drove him away with her accusations and anger which I’m told she couldn’t control


    • Tom
      I find myself smiling broadly at the thought of you bowing. I wouldn’t normally attempt poetry and yet you liked this piece.
      Thank you for your comments, very much appreciated.


    • I would love to participate in Friday Fictioneers. Do I just jump right in with two…hands? Or do I need an invite? If not, do I just write a story and add it to the link?

      hugs for leading me to FF… 🙂


      • You don’t need an invitation, the photo prompt is posted by Rochelle on Wednesday giving anyone who would like to participate enough time to get something posted by Friday. I can’t get the link while writing this but you can get it by clicking on Rochelle’s name at the top of my last story, that should get you started. Any problems with it please let me know.
        It will be lovely to see you taking part, your writing is so readable.
        Look forward to seeing you on Friday Fictioneers


      • Hugs for the info, Dee. I’ve wanted to participate in something but photos weren’t my strength. Writing is more pleasurable for me. Joining other writers will be like…going home.


      • Thank you. It’s given me renewed inspiration to blog more. I’d fallen off lately for a variety of reasons. But I’ll look forward to Wednesdays and Fridays…and reading others’ writings, including yours.


    • Thanks YJ
      The story is based on my grandmother’s somewhat tempestuous relationship with my grandfather – she literally drove him away.
      She remained on her own for the rest of her life and I believe that she still loved him, although her pride wouldn’t let her take him back
      Just plain sad
      Thanks for reading and for your comment


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