Weekly Photo Challenge – Forward

Some photos that say “Forward” to me.

The path to the beach was so inviting, I just had to walk over it. The road out of Jasper was amazing, we drove for miles and didn’t see another car.  We saw a bear and a few elks but nothing else for mile after mile; the scenery was just awesome we rode in silence for most of the journey. Our holiday to the southern region of Sardinia was very enjoyable, we explored ancient ruins which overlooked the sea, and visited the island of Sant’Antioco, where we found the deserted street.


Travel Theme – Bridges

Ailsa has chosen ‘Bridges’ as her travel theme this week. Here are some of the bridges I’ve either crossed, travelled on or under or just stared at. You can see more posts on Bridges if you visit wheresmybackpack


Pack Horse Bridge - Wycoller

Pack Horse Bridge – Wycoller


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge


Prague - Charles Bridge

Prague – Charles Bridge


Road to Dubrovnik

Road to Dubrovnik


The lock at Esna

The lock at Esna



Still Living at Bankside Farm

Another week, another photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for Friday Fictioneers. The photo this week is courtesy of Janet Webb and you can see how others have interpreted the prompt here


Still Living at Bankside Farm

“I did find it mum, it’s a ruin though. Look. I took a photo for you.”

She smiles up at me

“I’ve found your old home, it’s a ruin.”

She takes the photo and stares

“My room looks out over the bottom meadow, towards the mill.”

I sink down beside her, taking her hand

“Mum, remember. You live here now, not Bankside Farm. You haven’t lived there for years.”

She giggles then whispers,

“I saw Jed with the cows this morning, he blew me a kiss.”

My plan didn’t work.

I look up at the face I love, and smile.


( I am researching my family tree, and Bankside Farm was once home to some of my ancestors. It does look a bit like place in the photo now)



Travel Theme – Mountains

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Mountains. I’ve never climbed one, but photographed a few, hope you like them.

I also hope the Gallery view works, you can see each one if you click on it (or so I’m led to believe!)

Remembering the Song

Another week, another photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for Friday Fictioneers. This amazing photo is courtesy of David Stewart and you can see how others have interpreted the prompt here

Remembering the Song

Grey haired, quietly waiting,

I make no movements now for you to marvel at,

My joints seem permanently fixed,

Not flexible or free from pain.

Nothing could help me sway to your music now

Though I remember our song, few would think there ever was one,

Or believe that here there once was joy, pleasure, movement, grace.

They see a body, stiff, unyielding, closed, and think that it was always so

And that my mind must be the same.

They raise their voices and wave their arms about

I’m not yet deaf or dumb, just old.

I scream in silence.

Flying Away

Friday Fictioneers, it’s story time again. Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a photo prompt and anyone who would like to take part, posts a story on their blog and then links it to this week’s prompt. 100 words is the target so why not join in? The photo this week is courtesy of Rich Voza


Flying Away

Genre: Crime (100 words)

The door closes. The plane hurtles down the runway, becoming airborne in seconds. I steal a look behind me, nothing but the blank, closed faces of strangers. I relax.

The plan to flee, to leave behind the life I’d endured, eventually filled my every waking minute. It became my solace, my relief from pain, my refuge.

When they find him, their investigations will reveal a violent, heavy drinker who has had one too many.

Unless they look too closely at the tattoo on his neck.

Would they do that?

Will they see the entry point of the air filled hypodermic?








A plea from the jury box…

Photo credit: user:P199 / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: user:P199 / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

… don’t forget me.

I received a summons telling me that I had been selected for Jury Service and I had to attend at the Crown Court a week last Monday. Since then I have been wandering around a place similar to this, going from jury room to courtroom and back again; moving from one court to another and meeting some great people all thrown together to be judges of evidence.

In case you have missed me, that is where I have been. I can’t tell you anything other than I should finish my service by the end of the week and will hopefully be back with you all very soon.