Flying Away

Friday Fictioneers, it’s story time again. Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a photo prompt and anyone who would like to take part, posts a story on their blog and then links it to this week’s prompt. 100 words is the target so why not join in? The photo this week is courtesy of Rich Voza


Flying Away

Genre: Crime (100 words)

The door closes. The plane hurtles down the runway, becoming airborne in seconds. I steal a look behind me, nothing but the blank, closed faces of strangers. I relax.

The plan to flee, to leave behind the life I’d endured, eventually filled my every waking minute. It became my solace, my relief from pain, my refuge.

When they find him, their investigations will reveal a violent, heavy drinker who has had one too many.

Unless they look too closely at the tattoo on his neck.

Would they do that?

Will they see the entry point of the air filled hypodermic?









29 thoughts on “Flying Away

    • Hi Bjorn
      So glad you liked it, thanks for reading and for being the first person to comment.I’ve been on jury service for the past two weeks so unable to do much writing, I think the court environment prompted a “crime” story this week!
      Take care


  1. an autopsy could reveal the embolism by studying the heart, but they would still need to find the hole in order to label it as foul play. and, they’d also need a reason. perhaps her having disappeared will be the reason. good luck to her – i think. well done.

    also, “air filled” should likely be hyphenated, giving you space for one more well-placed adjective somewhere. if you feel like it, of course.


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