Remembering the Song

Another week, another photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for Friday Fictioneers. This amazing photo is courtesy of David Stewart and you can see how others have interpreted the prompt here

Remembering the Song

Grey haired, quietly waiting,

I make no movements now for you to marvel at,

My joints seem permanently fixed,

Not flexible or free from pain.

Nothing could help me sway to your music now

Though I remember our song, few would think there ever was one,

Or believe that here there once was joy, pleasure, movement, grace.

They see a body, stiff, unyielding, closed, and think that it was always so

And that my mind must be the same.

They raise their voices and wave their arms about

I’m not yet deaf or dumb, just old.

I scream in silence.


40 thoughts on “Remembering the Song

  1. I think (especially as I get older) of how older people are all too often undervalued and overlooked in our society just because their bodies are old. Older people are just old, not dead! They’re not stupid, even if their brains may not function as well as they used to and they’re generally not deaf! They can have so much to offer, having gone through so much, if only we’ll listen or make the attempt.



    • I think it is important to remember that old people have had interesting lives, endured many experiences and that they deserve respect and admiration. Too many of them are ignored or treated as dim. Love and passion are not today’s invention!
      It is always good to hear from you Janet and your comments are always very welcome
      Have a good weekend


    • Thank you Iris, so glad you saw what I was trying to say. As my grandmother used to tell me, ‘we’re all going the same way at the same time, some just get there faster than others.’
      Appreciate you taking the time


  2. Very well done–there are some elders who are still sharp of mind and wit so be careful when you “raise [your] voices and wave [your] arms about” at them–they might respond with a few well-honed barbs.


  3. well done. i certainly wish the speaker did not have to scream in silence but had an audience of one very caring person.

    this line: “They see a body, stiff, unyielding, closed and think that it was always so” consider a comma after “closed.” would help create a necessary pause before “think.” not positive, but think about it.


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