The Dancing Horse

Friday Fictioneers are riding high! Lots of writers from all over the world race to join our group each week. Marshalled by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, we trot, canter and gallop along to the finish line with our interpretation of the prompt for each week.
The photo this week is courtesy of Doug McIlroy, a great fictioneer.

thirsty -DM McIlroy

 Genre: fiction

Word Count: 100

The Dancing Horse

In the high pasture hidden away, the old grey horse raises his head. Ears pricked, he hears the music drifting up from the valley below. Memories stir, the crowds and applause come back to him.

He sways in time with the music, then very slowly lifts his front legs off the ground, the muscles in his hind quarters rippling and straining with the effort to keep them in the air. He attempts a Levade, learned in a different life, long ago.

In the stables in Vienna, the name Maestoso Portia shines bright above his stall and fresh straw is waiting.


I saw the famous Lipizzaner horses at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna performing their Airs Above the Ground  a few years ago, it was a magical experience. Then later, I heard stories about how some of these magnificent horses had been stolen and just disappeared,  I wondered what happened to them. For more information on Lipizzaner Horses visit

Riding on the curb.

Riding on the curb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)