Busy Bees

Last week was one of those weeks best forgotten. I did no writing but lots of driving and listening, to mainly boring people, talking about mainly boring topics. I missed my Friday Fictioneers fix, like lots of others I look forward to Wednesday when the email from Rochelle drops in my inbox and I wonder in what direction the photo prompt will take me. The photo this week is courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast  -hmmm

Genre: Horror

Word Count: 100 words

Busy Bees

The giant bee at the entrance attracted local newspaper headlines.



Alice ignored them and carried on with her work.

The giant bee was the idea of the PR-savvy graduate, foisted on her for the summer.

Alice ignored her too, and went to talk to her bees.

“She’s a problem, but we can’t have too many questions asked.”


“Just as you wish.”

That night as Alice drank the golden elixir, which she had done inside one shape or form for three hundred years, the hives were empty.

The swarm was forming.

PS – I needed an extra word, so I hope the hyphenated PR-savvy is allowed.


35 thoughts on “Busy Bees

    • Yes, I wasn’t sure about the ‘horror’ tag, but felt it was more than ordinary fiction but not sci-fi, so horror seemed to fit the bill
      Thank you for reading vb


  1. To Dee or not to Dee, that is the question. I think the PR-savvy (correct, BTW) intern is about to suffer the stings and arrows of outrageous fortune and the bees of an outraged Alice. That stings-ks. Sigh. Can’t seem to help it this morning.



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