Phoneography Challenge – Nature

Here are my iPhotos, taken with my iPhone5  – my contribution to the Phoneography Challenge 2013

This week the theme is NATURE

We have a grapevine growing in the garden – a challenge in itself for a garden in South Wales. Following the lengthy spell of hot sun during the last four weeks, I was delighted to find that we have some grapes at last…some in plain view…


and some in hiding…

Grapes in hiding

we also have apples…

First fruits

All the photos were taken this evening, after the rain had stopped…

After the rain

You can see other entries for this week here  it is well worth stopping by.


7 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge – Nature

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    • Thank you Janet. I’m surprised and excited by the grapes, as the vine hasn’t really produced much before; given that our summers are usually not very good, this year has been an exception. I will let you know how things progress.
      Hope you are enjoying your travels 🙂


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