A Different Life

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers again.  Many thanks to Rochelle for captaining our ship and keeping us on course, and to Janet Webb for providing the watery theme for the 100 word challenge this week. My story follows the photograph.

18 October

A Different Life

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

Noor clawed the baked earth around her failing crop; her baby son slept on her back, too weak to cry. Solomon set off weeks ago to look for work, the water he left them was all gone.  It was thirty miles to the aid station, Noor knew if her son was to live, she had to make the journey again.


Nora stood looking out, praying for a break in the weather.  It had rained constantly for six days. The garden was a sodden mess, no place for the bouncy castle or Disney Princess tent. She considered cancelling the birthday party.


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Phoneography Challenge – Nature

Here are my iPhotos, taken with my iPhone5  – my contribution to the Phoneography Challenge 2013

This week the theme is NATURE

We have a grapevine growing in the garden – a challenge in itself for a garden in South Wales. Following the lengthy spell of hot sun during the last four weeks, I was delighted to find that we have some grapes at last…some in plain view…


and some in hiding…

Grapes in hiding

we also have apples…

First fruits

All the photos were taken this evening, after the rain had stopped…

After the rain

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Green – Travel Theme

I love following Ailsa’s travels and viewing her wonderful photographs and this week her theme is “Green”.  (Read more here )

My selection is from close to home – my garden. It will never feature in Home and Garden;  it is a tennis court, soccer pitch, fairyland, petanque pitch, campsite and, if I get the chance, a relaxing spot to unwind with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and a favourite book!

I just love the different shades of green that you can see, depending on the weather and time of day. These were mostly taken in late autumn last year, but the little snowdrops braved the frost and snow of a couple of weeks ago. Hope you like them 🙂