Not drowning, just out of his depth

It’s that special time of the week , the post for Friday Fictioneers. This week the colourful photo is courtesy of Doug MacIlroy – a great teller of tales. Each week the one and only Rochelle Wisoff-Fields casts her net and draws in writers from across the world, all eager to accept the challenge of writing 100 words, (no more, no less) inspired by a different photo each week. Join us…

Doug McIlroy

Doug MacIlroy


Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

One day a man started a job. It was the job he had always dreamed of, but it brought him unhappiness. The job demanded skills he didn’t believe he possessed.

Dejected, he asked his grandfather for advice.

‘A fish set off on a journey. Swimming strongly and steadily, it encountered many problems but stayed on course. The fish found itself in churning water at the foot of a waterfall; it paused not knowing what lay ahead, then plunged in and battled to the top.’

‘If you believe you can, you will, if you believe you’ll fail you will; your choice.’

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20 thoughts on “Not drowning, just out of his depth

  1. What a great take on the classic parable!! I really do like this one, and, quite frankly, I feel that we don’t get enough of these kinds of stories any more. There’s something about the classic story within a story that teaches us a lesson we can apply to life that stays with us longer than many other kinds of tales.


    • Thank you Sandra, glad you liked it. The story seemed to write itself, but needed a lot of editing to get to the 100 words needed.

      I enjoyed writing this and also like the idea of a story within a story, I am thrilled that you think this worked.



  2. Dear Dee,

    What a great adaptation of that saying. Your title was perfect as well. I had a smile on my face as I thought of many people I’ve worked with down through the years. Well done.




    • Dear Doug
      Thank you. I’m so pleased you liked the story. Your photo said ‘Japan’ to me and I thought of how revered their older generation are and the story came from there somehow. Great photo.
      Take care



  3. Dear Dee,

    A lot of depth and truth to a seemingly simple story. Jobs, even the most ideal, often bring stress rather than fulfillment. And there’s a lot to your ending line. One’s belief that he or she will fail is more, often than not, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Good one.




    • Dear Rochelle

      I think we all doubt our abilities from time to time, worrying if we are good enough. A little self belief goes a long way.
      Thank you for reading and for your comments.
      Take care



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