A Different Life

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers again.  Many thanks to Rochelle for captaining our ship and keeping us on course, and to Janet Webb for providing the watery theme for the 100 word challenge this week. My story follows the photograph.

18 October

A Different Life

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

Noor clawed the baked earth around her failing crop; her baby son slept on her back, too weak to cry. Solomon set off weeks ago to look for work, the water he left them was all gone.  It was thirty miles to the aid station, Noor knew if her son was to live, she had to make the journey again.


Nora stood looking out, praying for a break in the weather.  It had rained constantly for six days. The garden was a sodden mess, no place for the bouncy castle or Disney Princess tent. She considered cancelling the birthday party.


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31 thoughts on “A Different Life

  1. I’m always reminded of a saying from Sunday School. God causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike.
    Is that a blessing or a curse. Because rain can be life to some and hindrance to others.
    This was a wonderful exercise in perspective, darling. Glad to have you back.


    • Thank you Helena.I’m glad the story worked. I remembered the Sunday School lesson too, wasn’t there also something about the sun rising on the good and the evil alike?
      Its good to be back
      Take care


    • Yes they do and it’s good to remember that from time to time. ‘Walk a mile in my shoes…’
      Thanks for reading Janet, hope all is well with you and Bill


    • Hi Janet
      Thank you, glad you liked it.
      I’m feeling much better now, thank you. Just got lots of drops to put in my eyes, but they are much improved already.
      Have a good weekend


  2. That was a great juxtaposition of realities – I guess you would call it a “reality adjustment”. I confess, that I had to read it twice, not realising at first that there were two different mothers, because my own attention to details sometimes flags. But I got there in the end and enjoyed it very much, although I am worrying about poor Noor. No way she is going to make those 30 miles.


  3. Dear Dee,

    Thank you for writing such a creative take on the prompt. The contrast was perfectly drawn and really set me to thinking. But for the vagaries of chance and circumstance, our situations could easily be reversed. Your story made my heart ache. Well done.




    • Dear Doug
      Thank you, your kind comments are much appreciated.
      We are all very busy living our lives, I think it’s good to wonder about other lives from time to time.
      Take care


  4. Dear Dee,

    I hope you are seeing more clearly now and all is well with your eyes.

    I love the contrast of your two stories. One woman in a life or death situation while the other’s worst nightmare is a rained out birthday party. Lovely writing that gives us pause.




    • Dear Rochelle
      Yes, things are much better now and improving every day.
      I was aiming to show life from different perspectives, I’m pleased you liked the story.
      Take care


  5. Well, you wrote the world in this one. It is how it is, isn’t it? Immense poverty in one place and immense wealth in another. The priorities for each are miles apart. Thoughtful use of the prompt. Ann


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