Maggie’s Choice

My story is rather bleak as that is how most things have seemed to me this week, though I have tried for a hopeful ending.

Thanks go as usual to Rochelle for continuing to host Friday Fictioneers. I must admit to slight envy when I read in her post that she will be meeting up with some Fictioneers this weekend, it must be so good to meet up in person with the people whose stories we read each week. I can dream…

Thanks also to Kent Bonham for the intriguing photograph this week.

Copyright -  Kent Bonham

Copyright – Kent Bonham


Genre: Fiction

Word Count 100

Maggie’s Choice

Maggie walked carefully down the dimly lit back street. Her small bag contained the items she was told she would need, afterwards. The house in the back street was her only option, no-one must ever find out about ‘It.’

The bright room smelled strongly of antiseptic; the strange array of equipment on the starched white cloth, looked alien and frightening. Though her body had healed after the violent assault, the nightmare continued. Tom still could not bring himself to touch her and now, this.

She endured the pain and, with her body cleansed, at last felt ready to move on.


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31 thoughts on “Maggie’s Choice

  1. How awful, darling. Such a horrible, lonely place to be in. You captured it wonderfully — I hope that by doing so you purged whatever bleakness you may have been feeling.


    • Very pleased you thought so x
      Feeling better, it’s just been one of those weeks that started in a mad frenzy of meetings and faded into a mound of paperwork! Need to catch up on my ff reading now.
      Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are x


    • Thank you!
      I’m not sure – their relationship has been thrown into chaos and her ‘secret’ is bound to cause huge problems…on the other hand Tom should be more supportive …


    • Dear Rochelle
      Glad the emotion came through. Feeling better now, just had a very hectic couple of weeks and somehow the melancholy side of me takes over!

      Hope you enjoyed your weekend ‘meet up’ great to meet other Fictioneers.

      Take care



  2. Bleak, as you had warned us readers. So well-crafted to describe the bleakness, and I was chilled when she referred to ‘It.’ But a touch of hope at the end, and hopefully Tom will come around.


    • Thank you Janet. I am feeling much better, sometimes the workload gets to me and it shouldn’t, but I get over it.
      It’s good up hear from you, I have missed your stories, although loved hearing about your travels .
      Do take care


  3. Dee, this is so real in the telling. I knew a woman that this happened to. Her husband was weak and left her. I hope her husband is strong enough to love her through the pain.


    • Thank you Lynda. It must be a terrible thing to go through such an ordeal and then lose the love and support of the one closest to you just when you need it most.
      Thanks for reading


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