Falling Apart

Time for Friday Fictioneers again.  Thanks as always to Rochelle for keeping us all together (see what I’ve done there?) and thanks for the photo prompt this week to Sean Fallon, what an intriguing photo it is too.

My story this week, follows on from the one I wrote last week.  A few of you Fictioneers kindly asked what was going to happen to ‘Tom’ and I have to admit I wasn’t sure.  A few people were very annoyed at his attitude to Maggie, I thought I would revisit them this week.

Copyright Sean Fallon

Copyright Sean Fallon

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

Falling Apart

Tom can’t understand why friends ask, ‘everything OK now?’

The attack on his wife was an attack on him too.  Why can’t they see that?

The thoughts about what happened replay over and over. Maggie tries to reassure him that the attack, though violent, was brief, but his imagination runs riot.

He watches every man he sees, ‘Is it him?’ ‘Did he do it?’

Waiting, for the police to make an arrest; waiting, for THAT phone call; if they don’t charge someone soon he fears he will fall apart.

And it’s still affecting Maggie.  Her behaviour has been odd lately.

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36 thoughts on “Falling Apart

  1. wow this was a truly powerful story about how the horror of that one brief moment just never ends and how loved ones and relationships, and not just the actual victim, are affected by crimes like this


    • Thank you kz. I suppose, in cases like this, that is all to easy to support the victim whilst forgetting that other family members need support too.
      Thank you for reading


  2. I’ve thankfully neither had an experience like this or known anyone personally who has, but I imagine it would impact both partners and that there are a myriad of responses. It would be difficult to work, through, I’d imagine.



  3. Dear Dee,

    Powerful piece! Unfortunately that type of crime victimizes more than the recipient of the violent act. Tom’s reaction is a perfect illustration of this. Perfect title.

    Don’t know how well I do keeping it all together but I appreciated your play on words in your intro.




    • Dear Rochelle
      Thank you. I wanted to try something from his POV and I’m pleased that it worked.

      Can’t imagine FF without you at the helm!

      Enjoy your weekend



  4. Really neat idea to continue the story and flip the perspective, to show Tom’s side of things. And what a vivid reaction he’s having — but it’s a shame he can’t be more supportive to Maggie.


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