Thoughts of Home

I sneaked off last week to Tenerife which was very relaxing, doing nothing was great for recharging my batteries.  I missed you all, and only managed to see a few stories, intermittent Wi-Fi is my excuse.  Thanks as always to Rochelle, a great wordsmith and leader and also to Marie Gail Stratford for her photo this week.

Copyright Marie Gail Stratford

Copyright Marie Gail Stratford

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

Thoughts of Home

Bright lights lured her to the city.

Dreams of being feted as the next Supermodel filled every waking moment.

With other hopefuls, she pouted, strutted and posed on demand.

Her leather portfolio bought with birthday money, stuffed with photos so lovingly captured by Charlie, began to look scruffy as it was pawed over and scrutinised by agent after agent.

Two weeks without work, two weeks with little money left.

A photographer called her; she had something quite special.

Posing naked in a cellar, positioned like a piece of meat, she stared out through his bright lights and thought of home.


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44 thoughts on “Thoughts of Home

  1. Such a sad story that I guess is repeated time and time again, and always will be. Guess people have to learn the hard way. Hope you enjoyed Tenerife – lovely at this time of the year. 🙂


    • I think the perceived glitz and glamour of celebrity will always be a draw to certain types, unfortunately too many young people are ill equipped to handle the situation when things don’t turn out as they expect. Tenerife was beautiful, if slightly cold in the mornings and of course I took all the right clothing…
      Hope the weather is being kind to you on your travels 🙂


  2. Another story to break my heart before my day even gets going. 😦 This, or a version of this, happens all too often, I hope someone’s there to intervene and get her out of this situation. On the brighter side, I’m glad you got in some rest and relaxation!



    • It does happen so often and each time you hope it will be a warning to other star-struck youngsters. Sorry to give you a sad start to you day, hoped it improved. Also hope you are enjoying your new job, next time I’m in Chicago I’ll call in!!


      • Dee, I’m enjoying the job and working hard to get down as much information as possible as fast as possible. So much to learn! It would be great if you were able to stop in sometime. The shop’s in Wheaton, not Chicago, but a Metra train runs right by!



      • Janet – a good friend of my youngest son is being relocated to Chicago in a few months. Our families get on so well that a visit is definitely on the cards. If we do come out I’ll certainly let you know. Dee 😊

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  3. Sad story, but I suppose this happens over and over. There is always someone vulnerable enough and taken advantage of. Tenerife, wow in Spain. How beautiful. That must have been a nice getaway. Well told, complete story. You packed a lot in, Dee.


    • Thank you Amy, think it does happen all over the place and it’s sad when it all goes wrong.
      Tenerife was lovely, just 4hours away from us and it was a lovely break 😊


    • Dear Rochelle

      Sadly there is and too many fail to see it, until it’s too late.

      Thank you for your kind comments, we had a good break in some lovely sunshine 😃 but it’s good to be back.

      Take care



  4. What I liked best about this story was the fourth paragraph. You brought the character to life and gave her depth which made it easier for me to identify with the sadness and the theme of maybe chasing the wrong dream – and paying too much to do so. I googled Tenerife and it looks like a beautiful place.


    • Thank you Michael, I tried to show her ordinary life to contrast the life she was slowly being drawn into.

      Tenerife is lovely, not too far away from us for a short break.

      Thanks for reading, good to hear from you.

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      • Honestly, I was super disappointed with this picture when I took it. It works much better as a story prompt than as a photograph of . . . well, of anything that happened to sneak into the frame while I was snapping the photo. I suppose that just goes to show that there is a time and a place for everything under heaven.


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