Making Tracks

I’m late, I’m late… thanks Rochelle for keeping us on the straight and narrow and to Dawn for a lovely photo from her trek to Machu Picchu – it’s on my list…

Copyright Dawn Q.

Copyright Dawn Q. Landau

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

Making Tracks

The juiciest blackberries grew alongside the tracks; with a sick husband and five children to feed, Anna happily accepted nature’s help. Becky snatched the pail from her mother, furious the others were never sent picking.

At lunchtime Anna set off to look for her. Though her eldest child might have womanly curves, she was still a child. Anna found the half-filled pail, but no sign of her daughter.

In a car heading out of town, Becky smoothed her new dress.  She felt the driver’s eyes on her body and smiled.  She could handle him, just like the boys in school.


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Sending warmest congratulations to Rochelle on having her second book accepted and to Claire Fuller whose debut novel ‘Our Endless Numbered Days’ has received some great reviews.  I am full of admiration for them both, it is lovely to share their company and their well deserved success, they have set the bar very high for us lesser mortals…


29 thoughts on “Making Tracks

  1. Oh, trouble ahead? There’s a lot going on in this A mother with too much on her plate and not enough in her belly, a restless daughter with a child’s mind and a woman’s body. Well done. Glad you made it to the FF playground.


  2. Dear Dee,

    I fear that Becky might not be able to handle this driver. You’ve packed a lot of story into your hundred words.
    Thank you for your kudos. It’s a step in the right direction. 😉 Lesser mortals? Perish the thought.




    • Dear Rochelle
      It’s funny but the photo prompt came up not long after I read about a schoolgirl who ran away with her teacher, when they were found she said she was fed up of being the eldest child and having to ‘do stuff at home all the time ‘ and wanted an adventure!!

      Thank you for your kind comments, it’s always good to hear from you,

      Best wishes



  3. Dear Dee, I know how she must have felt when she was the only one who had to pick berries. I think she will soon be wishing she had kept to picking them – new dress or not! Good story


    • Dear Nan, I think you’re right. It’s not always easy being the eldest, especially in a large family. Thank you for reading, always good to hear from you.


  4. Dear Dee,

    This was a marvelous change up on the tired ‘girl disappears while picking raspberries’ storyline. I loved her command of the situation and had the feeling that the world was her oyster and God help anyone that got in her way. Great story and a memorable character.




    • Dear Doug
      Thank you for your kind comments. I still not sure if she has made a terrible mistake, or whether she will get away with it. She certainly doesn’t intend to pick any more blackberries that’s for sure!
      Best wishes


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