The photo this week, courtesy of Jen Pendergast, reminded me of a visit to Canada a few year ago.  We wanted to take a train back from Edmonton to Calgary and were told that no passenger trains ran from north to south, only west to east.  On the drive back, we watched the longest freight train we have ever seen, mile, after mile, after mile and reflected that Canada was indeed a vast country.

Thanks to Jen for the photo and to Rochelle the conductor of Friday Fictioneers, collecting more and more writers each week.

Copyright Jen Pendergast

Copyright Jen Pendergast


Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100


Stella took the subway. Seeking the protection of strangers, she slowly made her way through the crowd. People grew restless as the train approached; she felt pressure in the small of her back, then heard the familiar menacing voice near her ear. As she was forced forward the crowd parted, as she stumbled they watched in horror as a figure tripped over her.

Stella watched impassively as the remains of her husband were collected and bagged. She remembered his threats, what he would do to her if ever she tried to leave him, and smiled at the vagaries of fate.



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41 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. Folk think there’s safety in numbers. If you’re in a crowd of cowards, you’re on your own.
    A well crafted tale: well done.


  2. Oh I just love poetic justice. Your description of the initial part of the attack was really good, I could feel rising panic and irritation that the crowd was parting to allow the attack to continue. Good one. (Not waiting next to you on the underground though…)


    • Haha… Glad you liked it, we were in London recently and don’t usually take the tube as we prefer to walk. We wanted to get to the Shard so took the tube and I’d forgotten how intimidating the crowd on the platform can be. 😊

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  3. Yes – the vagaries of fate. Lots to ponder there. I love the details – the sound of his voice in her ear, the viewpoint of the crowd. Gripping. The final twist is great.


  4. Those trains scare me. People are always leaning out to see if it’s coming. I rode the one in Chicago. Looks like the right person had the accident here. At least she didn’t push him. Well written, Dee. — Suzanne


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