Thankfully the rain has ceased, but now the bright, crisp, frosty mornings come as a shock to the system.  Where did I put that de-icer? I know there’s a can here somewhere…

Many thanks to Rochelle  for continuing to inspire us and, this week, thanks to her husband, Jan, for the photo prompt.

22 January

Copyright: Jan Fields

Genre: Memoir

Word Count: 100


‘I want to learn the piano.’

‘You would like to learn the piano.’

‘Sorry. I’d like to learn the piano.  Please?

‘We can only afford one lesson each week and your sister asked first.’

I remember that conversation so well, though it took place a lifetime ago. My sister was my mother’s favourite then, and could do no wrong.

I was a tomboy. I bit my nails, climbed trees, ran wild and played with the boys.  Definitely not mother’s idea of a pianist.

The piano took some punishment for a few months, until my sister discovered the local ballet class.



37 thoughts on “Tuneless

  1. Oh how this rang a bell with me, Dee. My brother was given a bicycle when he was eight. When I reached eight, I asked for a bicycle and was told “No, we gave your brother one and he never looked after it.” To this day, I’m still trying to work out the logic, not to mention fairness of that response. Good one, even if you never did get the piano lessons.

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    • Nor could I. As with all children, my boys are completely different and each one has lots of good and not so good points, but I could never have a favourite and never understand those parents who seem to have one. Thanks for reading Lore.

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  2. Good memoir, Dee. You can still take the piano lessons. I tried so hard not to favor one child over the other, but my son still thinks my daughter was favored because she was the youngest. There’s always sibling rivalry to contend with. My older brother thought I was spoiled. In truth I was a girl and more sheltered. My parents were also twenty years older when I was born. I’m so glad the lessons you had were a help to you. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • Thank you Suzanne. It’s interesting your mention of your older brother thinking you were spoiled, many friends, and other family members, have similar views regarding their younger siblings especially if the younger child is a girl.
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to set down your comments.


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