Another wet week in Wales, no wonder it’s so green here…… Thanks as always to our fairy blogmother Rochelle and this week’s thanks for the photo prompt, go to the sometimes poetic always interesting CE Ayr

29 January 2016

Copyright CE Ayr

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100


Grace shielded her eyes against the glare.  At the end of the track stood the white-washed farmhouse they’d been searching for.  Forty years ago, for reasons that were inescapable, she had turned away from Jack and married Edward.  She had kept their secret all this time, until Edward’s death set her free.

In the lavender fields of France, the powerful scent calmed her nerves.  The long journey was almost over.  Grace saw someone on a tractor in the distance and a moment of panic gripped her, she started to shake.

Amy gently took her hand,’go on gran, it will alright’



22 thoughts on “Grace

    • Dear Rochelle

      Thank you for your kind comments. Grace is the main character of the novel I started two years ago – I got stuck just after starting as I hadn’t thought it through properly, I was in a rush but thought I would get there.

      Today, the beginning and the end are written. I know my characters and I just have to knuckle down and write the middle bit. Some will find it odd I’m sure, but breaking it down into beginning,middle and end seems to be working for me now.

      Best wishes

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  1. Lovely. “In the lavender fields of France, the powerful scent calmed her nerves.” This sentence took me back to a walk we did with the Wayfarers through Provence. Lavendar fields are truly beautiful and the scent delicious and calming.
    Gran…..will he be ready to meet her again after all these years????
    Well penned.

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    • At the time of her marriage, Grace felt there was no escape and had to go through with it. I have been working on this on and off for the past 2 years. Things started well, but I was in too much of a rush and didn’t think things through, didn’t get to know my characters. As I mentioned to Rochelle, the beginning and end are written and I just have to write the middle bit – I do make things difficult for myself 🙂

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