New beginning

Thanks to Sandra Crook for the photo prompt this week and belated congratulations on her well deserved competition win, a great story.  Thanks as always to Rochelle who nevers wavers in support and encouragement.

19 Feb

Genre: Fiction

Word Count:100

New Beginning

‘What will you do Grace, have you decided?’

‘For goodness sake Lewis, she only buried Edward this morning, she has yet to come to terms with being alone.’

Grace smiled. She had been ‘alone’ in the sense that Sarah meant it, for years. The Turner twins, friends since childhood, took sibling rivalry to new heights. They wouldn’t understand what she was about to do; she decided against explanation.

Edward’s death was sudden, unexpected. The twins, like the rest of her circle who expected tears and sadness, were perplexed by Grace’s calm exterior. Meanwhile, her heart, sensing freedom, was soaring.



(For some reason I can’t add the little blue froggy link, to read more stories go to Rochelle’s blog and click on the link there)




25 thoughts on “New beginning

    • Usually we only get glimpses into people’s lives, seeing what they want to reveal; complex relationships are often covered up, as this one was. I think she finds what she needs. Thanks for reading Russ


    • Theirs was a very complex relationship and now she has the chance to find the life she lost. I am in the process of writing about Grace, it is taking a long time but I am hopeful the book will be finished.

      Thank you for reading Margaret.


    • Dear Rochelle

      It wasn’t the life she wanted but she stayed, for various reasons. I like investigating complex relationships, the book is coming along at a snail’s pace but I will keep at it. Thank you as always for your support.

      Take care


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