A Man of Vision

Two weeks into my retirement and hardly a word written!  It wasn’t supposed to be like this, but then life has a habit of interfering. I have managed to scribble this, hope you like it. Thanks to Kent Bonham for the interesting photo and to Rochelle for steering us through the maze…

15 April

Copyright Kent Bonham

Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100

A Man of Vision

‘How can we help you if you keep the design in your head Antoni?’

‘I cannot draw a design, as it changes every time I think of it.  It is a fluid, changing thing I cannot confine to paper.  If you will help me, then you must work as I work.’

‘But this bears no resemblance to any cathedral we have ever seen.’

Antoni stopped listening.

Through years of turmoil and political unrest he worked on his masterpiece.  He never finished it, but saw in his mind’s eye all the colours, the textures and the glory of his beloved cathedral.


For more information on Antoni Gaudi and his work, including his beloved cathedral the  Sagrada Familia 


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35 thoughts on “A Man of Vision

  1. Dear Dee,

    I once wrote a Gaudi story for FF. He was ahead of his time and a man of vision. Very well done.
    Congrats on your retirement. Isn’t it amazing how there’s plenty to fill what we thought was going to be ‘free time?’




    • Dear Rochelle

      Gaudi’s buildings don’t seem to age, each generation finds something fresh in them.
      Retirement feels very strange and yes, you are right, I thought I would have lots of ‘free time’ but I haven’t found it yet!

      Thanks for reading

      Take care


  2. Ahhh! YES! I KNEW it had to be Gaudi, one of my favorite artists. I have been to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona twice and it is pretty impressive. Believe it or not, it’s almost finished. It looks as fresh now, even fresher than it did 100 years ago. Gaudi was truly a man ahead of his time.
    Super writing, Dee! And thank-you! 🙂


    • Hi Kent, pleased you liked this.
      The Sagrada Familia is very impressive, even with all the cranes around it as there were when I saw it last. Delighted to hear it is almost finished, must go back and take another look.
      Thank you for the photo, really provided lots of interesting stories.

      Dee 🙂


  3. How timely, I leave for Spain next week. I’ll be there 6 weeks learning Spanish which was one of my retirement goals. I’ve been retired a year and I’m still finding my path. I have lots of ideas in my head too.
    Congratulations on retirement,


    • Hi Tracey
      What an adventure! I’m sure you will have a great time and congratulations on ticking off one of your retirement goals. I do hope you get to Barcelona to see some of Gaudi’s work, the buildings are truly works of art.
      Enjoy Spain, would love to hear how you get on.
      Take care

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Confidently sticking to only a vision (however ever changing) that only he can see. Bold choice, I loved the story- learnt something new once more.


    • Thank you Siobhan, I do hope you make it to Barcelona one day, it is a beautiful city and worth a visit. As for retirement, it’s only been two weeks and I think will take some getting used to!


  5. Love this… believe it or not, the first time I heard about Gaudi was in the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona… since then, I keep “bumping” into him… Needless to say, it is now on my ever-expanding list of places and things to see!
    Enjoy your retirement!


  6. Congratulations on your retirement, Dee! I’m sure the break is a good start so you can be fresh when you begin writing your masterpiece. This artistic endeavor must have consumed Antoni until the end. Wonderful piece, Dee.


  7. I just happened to see this building in a TV doco this week. I love how you’ve represented Gaudi’s creative impulse and vision. Enjoy your retirement. I hope you settle into the rhythm of it quickly and easily. The days speed by.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. I agree with you, I’ve watched people stand in silence in front of Gaudi’s work as you would in front of a great painting. Art is a great leveller. 😀

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