Copyright Madison Woods

Genre: Fiction

Word Count:100


‘Dad, there a truck outside full of barbed wire, d’you know anything about it?’

‘It’s for river meadow. I’m sick of that bloody woman’s dogs worrying our sheep, time to get tough.’

‘You don’t know her dogs are to blame, more likely a fox.’

‘It’s her fault!

I don t know why he hated her. Since I bumped into her in the village, we’ve got on really well. She liked the fact our hair is almost the same colour.

My mother left us when I was small; it’s good to have a woman to talk to occasionally.

Dad wouldn’t understand.


For more stories  (Sorry the little blue froggy thing is on strike)


20 thoughts on “Barriers

    • Hi Kent, as I said to Neil, I think I have made the meaning too obscure and perhaps I’ll try another edit. I’ll wait and see what others think. Thanks as usual for reading, I always appreciate you stopping by. Dee 🙂


  1. There is some family secret here, but I can’t figure it out. Is she the kid’s mum? Or sister? Very intriguing, I just hope the dog won’t get caught in the wire.


    • Dear Rochelle
      Yes she is, she left when the girl was very young. Based loosely on a true life happening where the father threw the mother out and refused to hand over the child, citing het ‘bad reputation’ which was all lies. She found her daughter again but it took years of battle through the courts etc., must have been dreadful.

      Was worried I’d not given enough hints…

      Take care


    • I didn’t edit it as after a couple of comments, it seemed that most people got it – (I thought you would as you write do well in this genre.)
      Congratulations again on Flash 500 👍


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