Pink Friday

I was busy baking cakes last night for our “Pink Friday”.  Everyone has joined in and I arrived this morning to a kitchen filled with all kinds of goodies.  We have pink fairy cakes, pink muffins, pink and white marshmallow flumps, little battenburg cakes, even flapjacks with pink icing, lots of chocolates because there is never a good enough reason not to have them!

The guys are joining in too and although none of them have baked anything, they are wearing various items of pink clothing and paying for the privilege! Any vistors today, expecting to be met by our usual attractive receptionist, will instead be greeted by someone resembling the wicked witch from Snow White.  Except this “witch” is wearing a pink hat atop a mound of pink hair and has a nose that would do justice to some film company’s prosthetics department – I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it!  I think she decided to have her own Pink Halloween!

A pink witch

The day has gone well and all the cakes are sold.  Word went round the business park and people just called in and bought cakes and raffle tickets – just amazed at the generosity of strangers.  Everyone it seems is willing to support this worthy cause which is just brilliant, it restores your faith in human nature it really does!   So a big thank you to everyone for today, I am now going to have a glass of wine and relax. 

A few of the goodies from today

More cakes...A few cakes         


Weekend is here and it’s raining…

The dog has been to the vet and has a chest infection and a sore throat! I have been given some tablets for her which are almost the size of a saucer, but not quite, why can’t the companies who make drugs for animals get sensible about sizing?  Yes you can break them in half if you have thumbs like hammers, then  you have the problem of trying to get the dog to take them. Hide them in food, yes I have tried that one and found the tablet deposited on the floor with great skill!

The last time this happened,  I used the pestle and mortar and ground the tablet to a fine powder and mixed it in with her food, that did work although I felt slightly stupid trying to explain to a visiting electrican just what the white powder was that I had inadvertently managed to transfer from my hand across my nose!!

I am going to watch the qualifiyng for the Grand Prix in Japan and then decide if I really do need to clear out the wardrobe just now…..

Weekend – bliss!

Just clearing my desk after a very hectic week and thinking about doing nothing for the next two days.  I hold the thought for a moment and think about a chilled glass of wine and an evening sitting in the garden with food cooking on the barbecue……..

Reality kicks in; there is laundry to be collected and shopping to be done and if the weather stays fine, the garden will need a bit of TLC, it is doesn’t then I know two wardrobes that are overdue a clear out.  The summer clutter will have to be put away and I am sure that the dog has an appointment with the vet at 10 on Saturday

Hmm, think I may stay in the office………………

Mature skin

Just been reading about Heaven Skin Care producs and what they can do to help problem skin; even mature, dry skin like mine. I don’t know how I missed them, I have been searching for something to help my skin for ages and believe me, have spent an absolute fortune in the last year, all to no avail.
The last resort was the very expensive facial I had on a recent cruise. The therapist talked at length about my concerns and then used La Therapie products which she said would be good for me. So grateful was I for her help, that I spent a fortune on all she recommended (I can’t even bring myself to type the actual amount I spent)and although my neck is now lovely and smooth, my face is more sensitive than before.
My hopes have been raised by this new range which I have ordered in trial sizes to see if it is what I need – which gets my vote for starters; how many of us have spent lots of our hard earned cash only to throw the magic potion in the bin because it doesn’t do what it says on the jar!

Continuing the diet saga…

Well the diet or “healthy eating plan” has been going OK, except for the birthday party on Sunday! How can you not eat birthday cake, when it looks so scrumptious and smells so good and has chocolate shavings all over the top of it, need I say more???
I am over it now and back to chicken and salad……………

Interesting news…….

Following on from my previous blog, it seems that the government in the UK have decided to bring forward their discussions on retirement. It seems there is some talk of doing away with a set age for retirement. Now, while I don’t claim any responsibilty for this change of heart, it is encouraging to think that I was on the right track!!

I think the next questions are going to be – how long will it take them to sort it out and what changes are they going to make to the state pension as there will obviously be people who want to retire and stop working.

Depending on what brainwave they come up with in regard to the pension, it will be great for us “oldies” to know that we are still of some use in the workplace and can carry on working as long as someone has the sense to employ us. Just think of all that experience that will not now be going to waste, we may be rather mature but we still have brains and common sense, the latter sadly lacking in some of the decisions made these days!