Interesting news…….

Following on from my previous blog, it seems that the government in the UK have decided to bring forward their discussions on retirement. It seems there is some talk of doing away with a set age for retirement. Now, while I don’t claim any responsibilty for this change of heart, it is encouraging to think that I was on the right track!!

I think the next questions are going to be – how long will it take them to sort it out and what changes are they going to make to the state pension as there will obviously be people who want to retire and stop working.

Depending on what brainwave they come up with in regard to the pension, it will be great for us “oldies” to know that we are still of some use in the workplace and can carry on working as long as someone has the sense to employ us. Just think of all that experience that will not now be going to waste, we may be rather mature but we still have brains and common sense, the latter sadly lacking in some of the decisions made these days!


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