A Fresh Start

Friday 1st March, St David’s Day and time for more Friday Fictioneers. Thanks for the photo prompt this week go to Beth Carter, and thanks for continuing to inspire the Friday Fictioneers go to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Genre: Literary Fiction

Word Count: 100 words

The Fresh Start

Photo - Beth Carter

Photo – Beth Carter

He looked out at the yard.

Not much stuff left now. Some cookery books, the unused  ‘zigzag action’ sewing machine, a red boudoir chair, some photo albums, a few shoes. All her castoffs.

He saw the red-haired woman again. She had walked passed a couple of times. Now she crossed the street and stood looking at the car. He had hated women, one woman, for too long.

He came outside, she smiled.

“Seems I’ve moved to an interesting neighbourhood, is the car in the sale too?”

He grinned, it wasn’t a sale, just a clear out.

He got the keys.

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(Late entry this week. I tried to post last night, but for some reason I couldn’t load the photo and there’s never an intergeek around when you need one! So this is my Saturday Submission)


23 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

    • Dear Rochelle
      Perhaps you are still in “dark mode” (ha ha)
      I thought about bad intentions, but then decided he would be nice, this time.
      Thank youe for reading


  1. I guess she was getting up her nerve to meet the neighbors. Seems like his fortunes may have taken an uptick. So, Is he giving her the car or just taking her for a ride?

    Did you mean a comma after ‘unused’?


  2. he may have hated women, but i think he’s got something other than “hate” for this one…well done. i like stories about temptation. and even if that isn’t what you were going for – too late – it’s what i’m taking from it.


    • Thsnk you for reading. His wife had walked out and left behind everything she didn’t want, he was dumping it to start again.
      He was going to kill her, then I changed my mind!
      Lovely to hear from you


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