My Gift

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers again. Time to join the great group of writers who plot,edit, rewrite, tear out their hair, swear, lose sleep and patience all in an effort to get out 100 words for the challenge each week. Join us, we don’t bite – well, not all of us!

The photo prompt this week comes courtesy of Jennifer Pendegast.

Winding stairs

Genre: Literary Fiction

Word Count: 100

My Gift

I am still here, you did not destroy me.

 I fought my way out from beneath the horror of your overpowering ‘love’ into the light of normality and reason. I am not ashamed. I feel clean.

Not my fault, not my fault, not my fault, no shame.

I’m waiting for you. Waiting here at the top of the stairs; when I remove the bulb, you won’t see the wire you like so much,  tightly stretched across the top step.

Your fall to oblivion will be my gift to you.

And the gift of others, who never broke free of you.


63 thoughts on “My Gift

  1. You really managed to include a lot of feelings of various kinds in this short story! I think the narrator will go through with it, but there’s just enough of a hint of still trying to still trying to escape the oppression that it leaves a tiny possibility of status quo.



    • Not sure where this one came from, the story seemed almost to write itself – if that makes sense!
      Thanks as always for reading, and for your comments, always appreciated


    • I know. I’m not sure where this one popped up from, there has been a lot of grim stuff in the papers here recently, so perhaps that was the trigger.
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment


    • There was a report in the paper of a man who tied people up with wire…. think this is where it came from. I wanted the wire across the stairs to be linked back to him somehow – payback sort of.
      I don’t usually write in the ‘dark zone’
      Thanks for reading and leaving comments, it’s much appreciated


    • The narrator is a woman, escaping from a very abusive/sadistic relationship
      Dont usually write things like this, but relationships interest me, and at its lowest level, there was a ‘relationship’ here.
      Thsnk you for reading and commenting


  2. Dear Dee,
    Is there a hidden camera in my office? Your intro pretty much pegged my writing process.
    Dontcha love it when story seems to download from “nowhere” and works? Yours definitely works and premeditates, my dear. Well done. Watch your step.


    • Dear Rochelle
      Wow, on the same wavelength, guess we all feel like that one time or another.
      It was just weird, the story just popped into my head – I had been reading about a particularly nasty assault case in the papers – it was something about the winding, twisting stairs…
      Anyway, I’m so glad you liked it, your comments are always appreciated
      Take care


  3. oh my! but I like it, sometimes, even it’s just our dreams or wishes (I mean why go to jail for someone who didn’t deserve you in the first place?) it’s nice to imagine them falling down those stairs…isn’t it? 😉

    more than anything , I like the verbiage you used to set the scene


    • It was a bit of a grim tale – I was reading an ongoing piece in the paper about a nasty assault case where wire was used. It was such a brutal act; not usually my thing, but…
      Thank you for reading


    • After reading your comment, I had to find out about Dorah Maar, Although I knew about Picasso and his “Muse” I didn’t know anything about her.
      What I read was deeply sad but also very fascinating, I want to thank you for making me go and find out about her.
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, it is much appreciated.


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